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(Modern Ships) Russian Vessels - Comparison by Myss-Burrito on DeviantArt

An overhead view of the battleship USS IOWA (BB-61) firing all 15 of its guns (nine 16-inch and six 5-inch) during a target exercise near Vieques Island.

The Iowa-class battleship USS Iowa fires a full broadside of her Mark 7 guns.

World Wide Aircraft Carriers Comparison (Jeff Head)

War command centers, no borders, no boundaries in international waters, cities afloat, no one can take on an aircraft carrier.

USS New Jersey, USS Missouri, USS Long Beach

Nuclear Cruisers And Battleships: Check Out This Reagan Era Navy Photo

USS Rainier repleished New Jersey ca 1970 in Tonkin Gulf. US Navy battle line. Battleships USS New Jersey and USS Missouri and guided missile cruiser USS Long Beach

Pictures of us navy ships in Vietnam War | Vietnam War, U.s. Navy Inshore Patrol Poster By Everett

Vietnam War, U.s. Navy Inshore Patrol Poster by Everett

Navy fast patrol craft of Coastal Division 11 patrols the Cai Ngay Canal in South Vietnam. Fast Patrol Craft on Cai Ngay canal 1970 National Archives

Got a favorite U.S. aircraft carrier? Thanks to those who serve...

Got a favorite U. Thanks to those who serve. I have always been amazed by the skill of these pilots.


Russian Navy

USS Midway [CV-41] and USS Iowa [BB-61] in 1987. Both ships are now retired in Southern California.

Aircraft Carrier USS Midway and Battleship USS Iowa in Arabian Gulf, December 1987

USS ZUMWALT -- DDG 1000 -- Heading out for Sea Trials Monday morning December 7, 2015. As it passes Fort Popham.

USS Zumwalt is a guided missile destroyer of the United States Navy.

The U.S. Navy's new littoral combat ship, USS Independence (LCS 2), is the lead ship for the Independence-class of littoral combat ships. She is the sixth ship of the U.S. Navy to be named for the concept of independence. With a trimaran hull, she carries a crew of 40 sailors; reaches speeds of 60mph; and weighs 2,700 tons. Independence is intended as a small assault transport that can take on flexible coastal missions as necessary. Independence is representative of the future of the U.S…

Navy's new littoral combat ship, USS Independence (LCS is the lead…

combat ship USS Freedom...exploding robo fishies (schools) of painted fishies that mimic fish ,cluster missile(when launched looks like middle blew up jest after launched ....would be a nice touch ... So sailer on deck wouldn't see exploding homeing fish

USS Independence (LCS of the General Dynamics Independence Class (front right) and USS Freedom (LCS of the Lockheed Martin Freedom Class littoral combat ships.

The Old and the New

Inside the USS Ford, America's Newest Aircraft Carrier

The Old and the New