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Man the guns, Join the Navy! U.S. Navy Recruiter Cotton Price With Recruiting Poster in Ann Arbor, May 1942.

In World War 2, posters were used to help to keep the country motivated and believing in the great war.

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Life In Tulsa. Here's a Roy D. Mercer prank phone call to a Navy Recruiter. The Navy guy ain't buyiing it but having great fun anyway.

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Memories of kamikaze hit still vivid to World War II Navy sailor from Broadview Heights

Joseph Pajestka, 88, of Broadview Heights, signed on for the Navy recruiter's promised clean sheets and good food, but one day wound up burying 92 crewmates after a Japanese suicide plane hit his carrier, the USS Belleau Wood.

U.S. Presidents / Inaugural Addresses / Navy Recruiter Issue / Still Sealed / LP ($15.00)

Joel Knippel, GABELLI ’15-Navy Recruiter Segues into Human Resources

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