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Jamaican / West Indian women recruits for the Auxiliary Territorial Service in 1943 (women's branch of the Army in the UK). Afro-Caribbeans are the descendants of West Africans shipped in the slave trade to the West Indies (to English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese colonies founded from the 16th century). Since World War II many Afro-Caribbeans have migrated to North America and to Europe, especially to the USA, the UK, and the Netherlands.


Henry Fonda (1905-1982) Lt. jg U.S. Navy 1943-45 WW II. Fonda was already a movie star when he enlisted saying, "I don't want to be in a fake war in a studio." Fonda served as a Quartermaster 3rd Class on the destroyer USS Satterlee. He was later commissioned as a Lieutenant jg in Air Combat Intelligence in the Pacific and was awarded the Bronze Star.


During World War II, Gene Kelly enlisted in the US Navy and was stationed at Anacostia Naval Base, in Washington DC, where he starred in several Navy training films.


Arriving for an interview for Star & Stripes Army newspaper in January 1960.

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The Quick 10: 10 More Celebrity Veterans

Paul Newman - attractive, a good actor, a veteran, and creator of fine salad dressings ;)

Humphrey Bogart enlisted in the U.S. Navy during WWI in the spring of 1918. He is recorded as a model sailor who spent most of his months int he Navy after the Armistice was signed, ferrying troops back from Europe.


Laurence Olivier, Famous British stage and film actor rose to fame during the 1930s but put his career aside to enlist in the Royal Navy during WW2 serving as a Lieutenant RNVR in the Fleet Air Arm.


Carl Maxie Brashear was the first African American to become a U.S. Navy Master Diver, rising to the position in 1970. Service/branch United States Navy Years of service 1948-1979


"Help Your Country Enlist in the Navy" ~ Classic WWI recruitment poster.


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