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Navy Enlisted Ratings in the Seabee Community

US Navy Enlisted Ratings (Sleeve Patch for White Uniform]

U.S. Navy Enlisting Poster

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Navy enlisted white hat (or cover) decorated with medals, ribbons, warfare qualification devices/insignia and command rockers (UIM). Bronze stars on rockers are number of years at each command. The 5 gold stars above name equal 4 years each.

Navy enlisted cover (white hat) decorated with medals, ribbons, insignia and other items. Image from an old blog about military crafts.


The following is a list of most Navy enlisted and officer jobs, with short descriptions. ENLISTED CAREERS (scroll down for Officer Careers) Aviation Boatswain's Mates play a major part in launching and recovering naval aircraft from land or ships. This includes preparing and fueling planes prior to takeoff and after landing. They may specialize in launching and recovering aircraft on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier, aircraft fueling and fuel systems, or aircraft handling, fire…