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Malvinas. Hombres del SAS realizando un salto de gran altitud a 8000mts con apertura del para a 400mts para insertarse en el terreno

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Two Russian fighters, a Mig-3 with a Yak-7, fly by as crippled Ju-88 plummets toward the ground.

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Face Forward ~ Move Forward ... it never works the other way. Looks like our military serves under those that need a lesson in phys·i·ol·o·gy - ˌfizēˈäləjē ! Or at least in how to spell it.

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Nimrod - AEW with radar systems installed in the nose and the tail to provide 360 degrees of coverage.

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U.S. DEVGRU and British SAS after a gun battle with Taliban in Kabul Afghanistan 14/9/2011 (615x800)

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Short SC5 Belfast.Belfast aircraft were the first British aircraft designed to meet the RAF’s need for long-range transport, and were the world’s first military cargo aircraft with a fully automatic landing system.

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