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Always Seek Expert Advice before using Supplements for CHILDREN - Natural Treatment for ADHD and Other Behavioral Disorders: Our Favorite Supplement


Behavior Therapy. All kids need firm boundaries and none so much as the child with ADD or ADHD.  Learning to implement a  consistent set of rewards and consequences into your daily routine is one of the most highly effective natural treatments for kids with attention issues."

from Dr. Axe

Symptoms of ADHD, Diet & Treatment

ADHD Natural Treatment Infographic Chart ~wow really good information on ADHD for adults and kids


On Task ADHD Vitamins for our Child's Natural ADHD Treatment | On Task Naturally: Christopher's ADHD Vitamins, a Success Story


12 Ways to Help Your Child Cope With ADHD

Consistency, organization, emotional support and having stress management system for parents. Don't expect parents of typical children to understand.

from PositiveMed

7 Natural Treatments for ADHD

Here is an easier way to explain what ADHD is all about and what the different types are. It also explains how it can affect your home, school and social life!


My son has been diagnosed with ADHD since the age of three. Here I discuss some natural treatment options for ADHD we have found to be successful when medications weren't the solution.