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Science Museum

TO SEE: The Natural Science Museum - I love attention to architecture elements in museums, and this picture alone motivates me to pay this place a visit. It's so appropriately themed!

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London-UK. The Natural History Museum is one of three large museums on Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, England (the others are the Science Museum, and the Victoria and Albert Museum). Its main frontage is on Cromwell Road. The museum is an exempt charity, and a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. #London #UK

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Seed fern (Neuropteris heterophylla) Credit: NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM, LONDON/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

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The backroom collections of the National Museum of Natural History

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Fancy less culture more fun?! Head to the Science Museum..its quirky and educational games and exhibitions will astound you!

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Museum of London, and many other Museums, including: British Museum Natural History Museum Science Museum VA Horniman Museum National Gallery Somerset House Tate Britain National Portrait Gallery

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Fossil fruit from 52 million years ago revealed

A fossilised fruit dating back 52 million years has been discovered in South America. Yet F. Christians claim their so-called God created the earth only 10,000 years ago. Science v Religion, religion loses again!

Bone. Something so delicate can be so strong!

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