11.18.2016- Light and movement - Inspiration taken form the position of the lighting, and how it adds to the image's movement.  The light around her head may signify an angelic notion, while the darkness int he bottom of her skirt adds fullness and dropped shadows.

direct sunlight Chasing the sun - running barefoot on the meadow, wild and free. Feeling that summer breeze on my skin. Breathing in every moment and wishing that this feeling lasts forever.

Auriela Gliwski cut-out swimsuits to wraparound tops and antique-looking jewelry Lounging on a beach

Exclusive: Aurelia Gliwski by Cheyene Tillier-Daly in 'Castaway'

All the best photoshoots are in a field.

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I love tho picture. Hair still frames the face, and looks more natural than a pose.

TOP 10 Ways How To Shoot A Stunning Portrait

Bare Face :: Natural Beauty :: Love your Skin :: Summer Glow :: Messy Hair : Free your Wild :: See more Untamed Beauty Photography + Inspiration


I love the simple style of this pose and i like the casual nature of the clothes and hair. beachy style hair, jean shorts or ripped jeans and a white t shirt, white backdrop. In studio

Smile – model caroline corinth, photographer henrick adamsen, black & white, fur jacket

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In one scene, Kate does a photo shoot for an aspiring model. I like this picture because the girl seems so happy.