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Natural Chinaware

'Accepting the Sung standard' is a very different thing from imitating particular Sung pieces. It means the use so far as possible of natural materials in the endeavor to obtain the best quality of body and glaze; in throwing and in striving towards unity, spontaneity, and in simplicity of form, and in general the subordination of all attempts at technical cleverness to straight-forward, unselfconscious workmanship. ... BERNARD LEACH A POTTERS BOOK (page 6)

Porcelain Female Forms That Blur the Line Between Humans and Nature by Juliette Clovis

Qing Dynasty Gaiwan Teaware reflects the philosophy of the age and region in which it is being used and appreciated. The character or "nature" of the objects,used to make and serve the tea frames the experience and brings emotions to the moment.


Teapot, Yixing ware, circa 1900. The ancient Chinese Emperor Shen Nung is credited with discovering tea as a recreational beverage. around 2737 BC. Known as the “father of Chinese Medicine”, he tested hundreds of herbs in the pursuit of natural remedies & was sometimes exposed to poisons in the process. He found that tea in some instances acted as a natural antidote. He also observed its mild stimulative qualities along with its refreshing nature .