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9 Natural Pain Management Techniques for Labor

12 Best Natural Childbirth Books - Recommended by Moms

Planning a natural birth? These 12 best natural childbirth books will help you prepare. Each of these books on natural birth is recommended by real moms.


Active birth is a range of techniques that some women use to help them stay in control during labour, cope with the pain and reduce the need for pain relief medications. Some women like to do yoga, relaxation exercise, hypnotherapy and attend childbirth classes to help them prepare for labour. These methods are not necessarily supported by research but some women find them useful. It is important that you choose the right support people in labour. This is a very special time for you and…


"My All Natural Hospital Birth. How I have had three amazing, all-natural hospital births. I talk about the techniques that allowed me to do them without medical intervention. #allnaturallabor #pregnancy"


How I Handled Pain During Natural Childbirth

Do you question whether you're strong enough to have a natural childbirth? You absolutely CAN do it! This mom shares exactly what got her through labor and delivery with no pain medication!