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DIY Air Freshener

DIY Air Freshener ~ Throw away those toxic plugins and make these all natural DIY Air Fresheners!

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Natural Room Scents

Natural Room Scents - These combos are made with very hot water added for a temporary room freshening fragrance....

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All Natural Homemade Air Freshener - Musings From a Stay At Home Mom

Need to get rid of unpleasant odors? Try this all natural Homemade Air Freshener - it absorbs yucky smells and replaces it with your favorite essential oil scent. Plus it's so easy to make, you can have one for every room in your house!

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All natural, DIY Car Air Freshener

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Refill air fresher with pure essential oil and filtered water for a nontoxic natural air freshener! And it saves money which is an added bonus!

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Mason jar air freshener - fill a mason jar 1/4 full with baking soda and add 6-8 drops of your favorite essential oil. Punch holes in the lid and place in a spot that could use some freshening. Give the jar a gentle shake to boost it's air freshening power. Natural products and cheaper than regular fresheners!

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15 Natural Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing...

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DIY Natural Car Air Freshener // Natürliche Dufterfrischer im Baumwollsäckchen

How to keep your car smelling nice? Check out this great tutorial that explains how to easily create natural air fresheners and don't forget to visit the collaborative board "DIY bloggers for Volkswagen" for more inspiration:

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DIY Gel Air Fresheners (Spring & Summer Scents)

**DIY Gel Air Fresheners (Spring & Summer Scents)** These are so easy to make. This is a great upcycle project if you happen to have baby food or jam jars. You can also use Mason jars. #DIY #MasonJars

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7 DIY Ideas To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Share with your friends...Want to be notified each time we publish a new blog post? Then make sure you like Natural Living Ideas on Facebook here where we share not only our blog posts, but the best natural living ideas from around the web. Chemical filled plug-ins, toxic air freshener sprays and candles filled with paraffin are just some of the ways people try to give their… [read more]

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DIY Natural Air Freshener - Only 2 Ingredients Needed!

This super simple DIY natural air freshener will save your family from all those yucky chemicals and save you some money too!

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Make Your Own Odor Absorber / Air Freshener

If you have a musty smelling closet, stinky bathroom or pets, then this tip is for you! My son's bathroom, the room where the cat litter box is, and my closet...just to keep them smelling fresh! These little things work wonders, and are cute too

5 Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils (+ 8 Recipes You Need to Try

5 Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils ( 8 Recipes You Need to Try) Antonia Lyons

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DIY Air Freshener Plug In Refill

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19 DIYS to Make Your House Smell Amazing

This fruit rind air freshener will soak up bad smells and odors but make sure it's not in the way of kids because if you spill it, it can make a mess.

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