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Scholarships for Native Students (Native American, Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian). < Excellent list of scholarships and information on tribal colleges and universities, as well as Native American Studies

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In order to thrive, Native families and youth need to be healthy, have a good education, and be part of a strong and supportive community and culture. For 93 years, AAIA has been working to promote these goals and provide the critical elements that Native American Indian children and families need to live happy, healthy and productive lives.

How to Prove That You're Cherokee

The bands of Comanche that roamed the Great Plains area of the United States in the 19th century adhered to a traditional division of labor, which left women in charge of work related to home and family, while men hunted and fought. Additionally, high-ranking men engaged in trade with Europeans, Mexicans and Americans, often to sell back kidnapped relatives and dignitaries.

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Native American Scholarships


November is Native American Heritage Month. Here are ways to celebrate:

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Jacqueline West Scholarship for Native American Youth at FIDM

With the Sequester, Native American programs will lose 8.3 million in funding; 90 million in cuts to schools serving American Indians and Alaska Native students; 1.1 million in funding for the Johnson O’Malley program and cuts to health programs. Because Federal Indian education funding is a fulfillment of the trust obligation, it should not be considered in the same category as discretionary domestic spending. So, why is it? Trying to rip off the Native Americans again...

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Udall Foundation Native American Congressional Internship Program Information Session: Date: Monday, October 22nd Time: 12:15 to 1:15 pm Location: ASU College of Law, Armstrong Hall, Room 114 - Pizza will be served!

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Cherokee Community of North Texas C/O David Holliday 5454 La Sierra Drive, Suite 203 Dallas, Texas 75231 Ph. 214.361.8941 Fax 214.363.7734 Email

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16 maps that Americans don't like to talk about

Trail of Tears - The largest act of ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the United States government began in 1830, when Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law, which gave him the power to negotiate the removal of Native American tribes in the South to land west of the Mississippi. Of course, those negotiations were corrupt and rife with coercion. Take, for example, the removal of the Cherokee, which was conducted via a treaty never approved by leaders of the Cherokee nation and…

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Africans Settled China, Showing That We're All Related Read more #at

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Application for Native American Student Scholarship