The Native American commandments -Except the Great Spirit but after all why not, I respect Animism more than any other religious system (non-human entities are spiritual beings)

I accidently came across this list of the Ten Indian Commandments. I love how the Native American Indians have such a great list of commandments that mean so m

If you're using your religion to hurt others, you're doing it wrong. We all just want peace,

Funny pictures about The Religion Golden Rule. Oh, and cool pics about The Religion Golden Rule. Also, The Religion Golden Rule photos.

THIS!!! omg this quote is amazing

People And Their Planet

Save Our Planet I wish people cared as much about the earth as they did about who they think created it.

Native American Indian Prayer                                                                                                                                                      More

Native American Indian Prayer This has always been my all time favorite native prayer. But the words humble and give me strength.

I don’t known if this is truly a “Cherokee prayer” but I love it.

I don’t known if this is truly a “Cherokee prayer” but I love it.

Native American Religion

Native American Religion

Many of the religions practiced by the Mayans, Aztecs, Olmecs, etc. are still practiced by the people of South America.

white buffalo / Native Americans of the past thought a white buffalo had spiritual powers.

Blizzard, a White Buffalo / Bison was born in June 2005 in the US. The birth of a White Buffalo is a rare event. Due to the remarkable appearance and rarity over the centuries, a White Buffalo became a powerful spirit in First Nation's plain cultures.