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Native American Symbol – Peyote (Water) Bird Colors

The peyote bird, AKA snake bird and water turkey, is associated with the Native American Church and the ritual use of peyote there by the church members.

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quotes about native american men | How Native Americans are named. - Page 5 -

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Quanah Parker in ceremonial regalia, c1890.png -Quahada Comanche tribe(1890-1911) - born 1845 or 1852, died Feb 23, 1911 due to heart failure by rheumatism at Quanah Parker Star House, Cache Okla, - Comanche leader to bring Quahada band into Ft Sill - founder of Native American Church & peyote religion - parents: Peta Nacona with Cynthia Parker - spouses: Chony, Mah-Chetta-Wookey-Ah-Uh-Wuth-Takum, Coby, Toe-Pay, & Tonarcy.

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Link: Verdell Primeaux, Native American Church singer (Oglalla/Yankton Sioux & Ponca) is from the Oglalla Sioux Reservation [Pine Ridge], and is the son of noted peyote singer Francis Primeaux, Sr.

Although the Native American Church traces its roots to the 1880s, Quanah Parker is regarded as one of the first leaders of the movement. After being gored by a bull while traveling in South Texas, a Coahuiltecan Indian curandera healed Parker by nursing him with a strong peyote tea. Later, he learned the “half-moon” style of the peyote ceremony from a Lipan Apache medicine man, and brought the religion back to the Comanches and other tribes in Indian Territory.

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