QUIZ: Find your spirit animal: I'm a spider!    Powers: Artistic genius, ability to see patterns and sense trouble from a distance  As a Spider, you're artistic, intuitive, and independent—maybe even a little eccentric. You can become so absorbed in your endeavors that you lose track of the outside world and the people in it. But what you give in return is magic, pure and simple.  Best matches: Cougars, Hawks, Owls

How to find your Animal Totem. What are animal totems? Animal totems are spirit guides but in the form of an animal. We all have an animal guide that has been with us since our birth like spirit.

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying [...]. — Cree Native Indian Prophecy

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying [. — Cree Native Indian Prophecy Man, I wish that were true. and we didn't have to wait for it to be any more ravaged than it already is.

white buffalo / Native Americans of the past thought a white buffalo had spiritual powers.

Blizzard, a White Buffalo / Bison was born in June 2005 in the US. The birth of a White Buffalo is a rare event. Due to the remarkable appearance and rarity over the centuries, a White Buffalo became a powerful spirit in First Nation's plain cultures.

OH MY GOSH, I love this horse. Like, my soul sings. :)

NATIVE AMERICAN WAR PONY: in the Native American tradition, a Warrior and his Horse were inseparable; in battle they fought together as one. Each in tune with the other’s spirit, they shared the Heart of a Warrior.

Native American zodiac chart... I Always did like Ravens.

12 Native American Astrological Signs and Their Meanings

Turtle Symbol- I love the Native American Indian Symbols. This website has a huge variety of symbols with their meaning including the power animal symbols. Great for kids craft ideas!!! Endless ideas. Paint on rocks, just an idea.

Discover the secret meaning of the mysterious Turtle Symbol. Pictures and meanings of Native American Indian symbols including the Turtle Symbol. The Turtle Symbol meaning.

The Native American zodiac signs are wholly unique, and you’ll not find these totemic birth animals anywhere else but here.

"What's Your Sign?" Could Be A Real Animal, According To Native Americans

The Native American Zodiac signs are wholly unique, and you’ll not find these Totemic Birth Animals anywhere else, but here. You'll find a link to each animal description of character & personality traits: VERY Interesting.

Native American horoscope Otter: Jan 20 - Feb 18 Wolf: Feb 19 – Mar 20 Falcon: Mar 21 – Apr 19  Beaver: Apr 20 – May 20  Deer: May 21 – Jun 20 Woodpecker: Jun 21 – Jul 21 Salmon: Jul 22 – Aug 21 Bear: Aug 22 – Sep 21 Raven: Sep 22 – Oct 22  Snake: Oct 23 – Nov 22 Owl: Nov 23 – Dec 21 Goose: Dec 22 – Jan 19

Native American horoscope, interesting how similar it is to the western zodiac despite their never coming into contact with each other.