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For people with diabetes, it is important to check your glucose level after heavy exercise. Exercise can keep consuming glucose for up to 24 hours later, so it's best to check your glucose level every 45 minutes or so after your workout to see if your glucose level is dropping or remaining stable. Find out if your health insurer will help you quit smoking after your diagnosis of... FULL ARTICLE @

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Chatham Street at junction of Bridgehouses. National Health Insurance Dispensary of Phillip Stanley Glover, 18 Bridgehouses and Chas. Hellenschmidt, pork butcher, 3 Chatham Street. Court No 1, behind these buildings

Dementia rates 'higher near busy roads'

Dementia rates 'higher near busy roads' - BBC News

Auto Insurance Fraud | Infographic Sharing in the promotion of information in order to reduce claims and inform the wider public about some insurance auto fraud known practices. #insurancefraud #insurancefraudinformation #adviceoninsurancefraud

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Availing health insurance plans is now a basic need. However, procuring an optimal mix of insurance cover to maximize the benefits is equally crucial. In India, people often avail minimum health coverage, with the national average being extremely low. This infographic helps you to understand the amount of health insurance you need

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A new blood test for fibromyalgia is more accurate than previously thought and will not confuse the chronic pain disorder with other diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, according to th...

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Protecting your health If you want Private Health Insurance then , like other insurances, you have to pay for it but for many people it is money well spent. Private Health Insurance is designed to cover the costs of private medical treatment for curable short term illness or injury. This means that you have more choice over your hospital and faster access to consultants and specialists than if you were relying on the National health Service.

Can virtual reality help women cope with childbirth?

Clinical trials in Los Angeles plan to explore how virtual reality can be used to deal with acute pain through coaching and distraction.

24 year old from United States. Things that inspire or make me happy. SW: want to be able to go dancing and not have to take a break after every song. I want to be able to do all the fun things I've always wanted to do, but have been too out of shape...

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