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Africa | Image from the National Geographic July 1982 publication 'Dan Tribe. Ivory Coast' © Michael and Aubine Kirtley

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The Most Iconic Photographs From National Geographic's 125-Year History

The Most Iconic Photographs From National Geographic's 125-Year History. Perhaps the most iconic National Geographic photo, Steve McCurry snapped this picture of an Afghan girl in a Pakistan refugee camp in 1984. It almost went unnoticed, until one editor rescued it from a pile and stuck it on the June 1985 Cover. Absolutely stunning photo. #nationalgeographic

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fyeahuniverse: Abraham Lake, Elliott Peak, Alberta, Canada Due to the lack of snow fall in this area the surface of the lake was left uncovered freezing the bubbles created from gas being released from the lake bed which were trapped below it’s frozen surfaces.

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The stars of Jaipur's elephant festival photographed by Charles Fréger

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The extraordinary painted elephants of India – in pictures

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Around the world in amazing ways: The stunning pictures that capture life from every corner of our globe shortlisted for prestigious photography award

The Hamars are a people of East Africa living in southwestern Ethiopia in a fertile area of the Omo Valley. The gracious Hamar women are easily spotted with their characteristic outfits. Photograph by Pascal Mannaerts.

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Red Arrows - Gone Loopy Photo by Richard Freeman — National Geographic Your Shot published by

Stunning image shows boy watching solar eclipse... taken from 1.5 miles away

An onlooker of the annular solar eclipse witnesses the celestial event on May 20, 2012 by Colleen Pinski.

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