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Nate Turner

NAT TURNER FREEDOM FIGHTER REBELLION LEADER IN 1800 z's d uring Slavery. Read about him.

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Nate Parker, a Black actor and filmmaker stars as Nat Turner in 'Birth of A Nation' Scores the Richest Deal In Sundance History, a drama about 1831 slave rebellion led by Nat Turner.

from Vanity Fair

The Literary Battle for Nat Turner’s Legacy

The Literary Battle for Nat Turner’s Legacy | Vanity Fair

Cool Nat Turner: Legendary Slave Rebellion Had The Highest Death Toll Documented In The American South

That feeling when you wanna whack some one with a chair.

from The New Yorker

“The Birth of a Nation” Isn’t Worth Defending

Nate Parker’s retelling of Nat Turner’s rebellion does not succeed as art or as propaganda.


Eugenides stared at nothing. “I can’t leave her there all alone, surrounded by stone walls.” He looked at Eddis, hoping she would understand. “She’s too precious to give up,” he said. | Megan Whalen Turner, The Queen of Attolia, page 339