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Did You Know that Nasal Flu Vax Recipients Can Pass the Flu to Everyone Around Them for Up to 21 Days?

6 Reasons I Won’t Give My Kids The Nasal Flu Vaccine

6 Reasons I Won't Give My Kids The Nasal Flu Vaccine - #lifeadvancer - @ladvancer


Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine

#DP #FLU CDC influenza vaccine effectiveness studies show the 2012-2013 flu vaccine reduced the risk of flu-associated medical visits from influenza A (H3N2) viruses by one half and from influenza B by two-thirds for most of the population (with the exception of seniors).

1 - CDC Panel Says FluMist Nasal Flu Vaccine Ineffective


With all of the talk about how you MUST be vaccinated in order to protect those around you, you'd think that they would warn people who receive this vaccine that they've just become the most contagious person in the room.