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Highly informative and the hippocampus pruning hook is invaluable in almost all the situations I find myself in.

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Anatomy of the paranasal sinuses; drawing shows front and side views of the frontal sinus, ethmoid sinus, maxillary sinus, and sphenoid sinus. The nasal cavity and pharynx (throat) are also shown.

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Paralysed man walks again after cell transplant

Take a look at this break-through, fantastic example of how science can #ChangeYourWorld!

Physiology Review Conducting Zone Made up of rigid passageways that serve to warm, moisten, and filter the inhaled air: nose, nasal cavity, pharynx, larynx, trachea, primary bronchi, tertiary bronchi, bronchioles, terminal bronchioles. Air passages undergo 23 orders of branching in the lungs which significantly increases cross sectional area for flow

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Coloured TEM of section through a smell receptor | Credit: Prof. P. Motta, University of La Sapienza, Rome > > >

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Photo Credits: Rita Petita (via Takin Baby Arrives in the Early Morning at the San Diego Zoo - ZooBorns)

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The dino that nose how to avoid danger: sense of smell key to survival

The nasal cavities of Pawpawsaurus resemble that of Panoplosaurus and Euoplocephalus (arti...

Himalayan Iris Pollen in REM. Most of our flowers and fruit have pollen which is entomophilous (i.e.carried by animals) and designed to stick to the leg of a bee or moth etc. Such grains tend to be like burs, with all sorts of strange miniscule hooks and spikes (they thus pose less of a problem for allergy sufferers–since they never make it to the nasal cavity). Other plants literally cast their hopes upon the wind. These anemophilous pollens are produced in large quantities.

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Aztec mosaic mask of Tezcatlipoca (mexica) _The skull of the smoking mirror... The mexicas belived that the defeat of Quetzalcoaltl by Tezcaltlipoca marked the beginning of the current era of creation.The decoration is worked in alternate bands of bright blue turquoise and black mosaic.The eyes are made of two orbs of polished pyrite framed by rings of white conch shell.The nasal cavity is lined with plates of red shell. From Mexico Tenochtitlan

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