<3 Madara & Hashirama - "If you don’t think this is one of the greatest moments in Naruto you’re wrong."

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Minato and Naruto showing they mean business <- - - I love pictures of Naruto and his Dad cause it just seems so right and everything - no idea why, but they always seem to have that effect on me. Naruto always wanted to be Hokage, and he never knew about his Dad until a good bit in! Drawing is beautiful btw.

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What Anime Show Should You Be In?

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Frogception<<<Every time I see this sceen I feel like singing "Here I am! Rock you like the hurricane! "

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Every anime thing I show to my mom always says Soul Eater (cuz that's one of my favorites) and I just...

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Oh...ok.....so this is like the first part of how to beat him right? You know before he comes back to life.....

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This shit is handled. Who would your defense be? * the last anime I saw was...ergo proxy, and Vincent is technically a god so I guess I'm okay*

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