#wattpad #alatoire Que ce soient des gifs d'animes trop hilarants ou encore des gifs d'animes magnifiquement beau...Bref, venez voir le contenu de ce livre ! Vous ne serrez pas déçus !!    /! Chaque partie contient 6-20 gifs + une image marrante dans le média x)

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How I feel when people hate on my fandoms.>>> how I act when people hate my fandoms.

Kakashi в дневнике Naruto_Art/Gif

god damn im in love again just look at his fucking smile i love him so much how do you even accomplish so much godliness ive loved him since day one do you hear me ive grown up with this little shit and i lo ve him

Naruto Uzumaki | @AnimeVsCartoons

I love this first opening where Naruto jumps and looks so confident

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sasuke and naruto (gif) (wondering when this is from? It's from a filler when Naruto supposedly got a "chakra virus")

sasuke and naruto (gif) (wondering when this is from? It's from a filler when Naruto supposedly got a "chakra virus") "Don't take it personally." Haha I love Sasuke. I say that to my friends all the time

Naruto-Uzumaki : Photo

Sharingan is really an ultimate power. No one can obtain a great power so easily. So if anyone wants ultimate power then you have to lose your self

Kakashi and Gai wiht a seeeexy booty move!! XD ("I like to move it": song)

Naruto Shippuuden Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy Naruto gif - Hahahahaha XD

My favorite anime: Naruto and ユーリ!!! on Ice. For me, anime&manga NARUTO ended at 699: battle of...

My favorite anime: Naruto and ユーリ! on Ice. For me, anime&mang NARUTO ended at battle of.

tsubaaki: “Gaara you’re a savage. ”

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