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LOL this is so me! I always sweet and normal at first then I become more creepy or weird when I become very close to other. its also me XD

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" How many times do I have to tell you, Naruto. My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns, son."

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The ending to this battle made me cry a little :(

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RASENGAN!! Aaaaaaaah this is so awesome. To this day, still the coolest move I have ever seen!

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"Our Naruto really has grown strong, Kushina." Namikaze Minato & Uzumaki Naruto; The Day Naruto Was Born - Naruto: Shippūden E380

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Forever repin because Temari's face perfectly matched mine at this scene.

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"He's sleeping so peacefully. It looks like something's unraveled inside of him." Hatake Kakashi; The Intruder - Naruto: Shippūden E217 <3

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19 Anime Gifs That Accurately Describe Everyday School Life

tumblr_nov0meDIoh1tpveswo1_500.gif (500×274)

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Kakashi vs. Obito

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Naruto. I love that smile. At first, he was looking sad then he breaks into this mega smile. Awww, Naruto.

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