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Unawareness in a Narcissistic Personality Disorder Abusive Relationship

The problem with a lot of abusive relationships is that the “abused” becomes unaware that he or she is "in an abusive relationship. They become completely unaware of the power dynamic within the relationship and how it is being used to control them." - good article linked


Let them *think* they are winning and then keep your PEACE. Time here on Earth is so minuscule in comparison to eternity... unless you are being physically or deeply mentally harmed, tell your Ego to shut up and then let it go. Those who really know you will write off the bs.


This is a perfect and almost exact description of two sociopaths I was unfortunate enough to have known. One even went so far as to change his name. These are the types of individuals who become involved in gang-stalking and strategically destroying other human beings. Not surprisingly, these traits are common in both politicians and murderers. This is how they operate...


Projection: Article Link: After Narcissistic Abuse There is Light, Life and Love:


Omitting, gas lighting, projecting, evading... Surviving an emotionally abusive and manipulative mother with narcissistic personality disorder and an enabling father and siblings


Just got my daily affirmation that my father is a narcissistic asshole. He makes my blood boil. Arrrrrgh.TODAY? REALLY? Can I not have ONE day that's about me? Selfish prick.