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Ode to my "best friend" - I just hope you can leave me to it now that you've shown yourself to be such a cruel, nasty and manipulative person who has never been interested in being the lapdog that you made me into, in return. It feels reviving after a while - one less person working out my actual physical worth to them and where to attach their "milking device"! Haha...sad that I still let you so close. xx


You!!! Labeling again and again and again...I refuse to let you or anyone else get to me and I am living my life my way..I know who I am and I do not need your approval or bad your not happy with me standing up for myself..get over it!!!

from An Upturned Soul

WANTED – Adult Children of Narcissists for a survey

When in front of strangers the narcissist will often PERFORM the role of super parent. Sadly, it's the strangers' admiration that the narcissist is after - not the child's.