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Nap mat tutorial. A great one!

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How to #sew your own nap mat // Full tutorial

I liked this Lady's pin of how to make a nap blanket. I don't have kids but great idea for if I ever do.

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DIY preschool nap mat cover tutorial with attached blanket, pillow, straps and handle.

Pillow Mattress Beds Are Super Easy And Very Handy

Turn those left over or old pillows into Pillow Mattress Beds for the kids or even your pets. They're ideal for sleepovers or family movie nights. Don't miss the Portable Nap Mats and the short video tutorial too!

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Nap Mat - removable pillow and wider blanket

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Nap Mat with Applique Name Tutorial. Made for my daughter since she starts preschool this year. Very comfy, washable too.

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sew pillows together

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2 Inch Memory Foam Nap Mat

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nap map tutorial crafts. Cute, cozy, compact nap mat using minky fabric. Some pre-schools or kindergarten children still have nap time. Nice take-along to stay with auntie or grandma.

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