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A collection of images based on this story of Ruth & Naomi. The images in this set are:basket of grain, Boaz, falling in love, field of grain, getting married, grain, Naomi, Ruth & Naomi traveling, Ruth in field working, Ruth.22 images (11 in color and the same 11 in B&W)This set is also available (at a big discount) as part of the BIBLE STORIES 2 MEGA BUNDLE.

Ruth was born into a non-Jewish family and pagan nationality (Moab) that did not know or worship the one true God. However, she found favor with God when she chose to go with Naomi, her Jewish mother-in-law, and God blessed and chose her to become the matriarchal ancestor of our Lord Jesus. Now, whoever will accept Jesus is able to be grafted into the family of God.


"In your waiting place, cling to the hope that never once has our God left our story unfinished and unredeemed. It may not look how we expected but, as with Ruth and Naomi, our story is His story—it was then and it will be in years to come. We are only to wait, to trust, to obey."

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where you go ill go, where you stay ill stay

I want to be more intentional about writing about my Faith. I talk about it a lot on my instagram, but I hardly ever mention it on my blog. So for those of you who have no interest, just keep scrolling. But for the rest….I’d love to hear from you in the comments/via email/twitter/etc. “Where [...]


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Like Ruth, we cannot see the whole of our story, or of The Story. We aren’t meant to. But we can follow God’s lead, knowing that our yesses make a Kingdom-size difference, even when no one sees. // Ruth, Day 5 #SheReadsTruth

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Ruth and Naomi—“Where You Go I Shall Go”

Ruth humbly picking up barley behind the workers in the field to support herself and Naomi.