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Naoko Mori Born: November 29, 1971 in Nagoya, Japan Height: 5' 2½" (1.59 m)


ドロップスナップ!モリナオコ, 美容師 | Droptokyo

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Naoko Mori: My life in travel - An air hostess once gave me her scarf. It was my first flight, when we were moving to America; I was three and a half. I remember feeling very grown up. The air hostess looked so glamorous, so much so that I was smitten with her. They used to wear scarves so the lady gave me hers, which was... | | #Travel #bucketlist #dreamplaces

Christopher Eccleston (aka The Doctor) and Naoko Mori (aka Tosh) as John and Yoko

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