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Parrot with Grenade by Nancy Fouts. No longer the domain of the fisherman and huntsman, taxidermy is undergoing a renaissance. Read our feature on taxidermy at on page 18. Featured are Nancy Fouts, Simen Johan, Polly Morgan and others.


by Polly Morgan (Morgan's statement on her site: All taxidermied animals are either road casualties or have been donated to the aritst by pet owners and vets after natural or unpreventable deaths.)

from Pith + Vigor - Cultivating Garden Style

Flames to Stave Off a Winter Chill


Nancy Cawdrey Studios presents western art, horse art and silk art created by western artists and contemporary artists Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey and Morgan Cawdrey using mediums such as oil paintings, silk paintings, watercolors paintings, pastels paintings, mixed media paintings, and acrylics paintings.

from NY Daily News

Nancy Morgan Hart, Revolutionary War - Photos - Women in war

Stories of women in combat date back to the Revolutionary War. Nancy Morgan Hart, depicted here, became known as a Revolutionary War heroine after defending her home and children against invading British soldiers. The story goes that she fed British soldiers, who demanded food and drinks, in her home and while they weren't looking, Hart turned their own guns on them.


Daily Paintworks - "Hydrangeas With Green" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Nancy F. Morgan