I did love the Nancy Drew mystery books. Still do today .. mysteries, not gory, keep your mind a workin'.

Hooked on Nancy Drew Mysteries

This was the first Nancy Drew book I ever owned/read.  :-). Beginning of an obsession...

The Secret of Shadow Ranch (Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene, Mildred Benson (Ghostwriter)

I loved Nancy Drew books when I was young, this cover is a bit before my time though!! nancy drew | Nancy Drew Classic Books, Spin-off Series, & More...

Nancy Drew - read them all as a kid. Carolyn Keene was the name of several authors through time. have to say I haven't read any passed the Loved Nancy Drew!

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Loved reading Nancy Drew when I was growing up! The Secret in the Old Attic - Nancy Drew Mystery

Nancy Drew first 1940 edition I read I think every Nancy Drew book as a child.

The Nancy Drew series. This one: The Bungalow Mystery - Nancy Drew first 1940 edition

Nancy Drew!! - OMG.... I read this one as well as many other Nancy Drew books; had editions from '30's through '60s.... must be why I became a mystery buff!

The Mystery of the 99 Steps Nancy is off to France to help a friend decipher a bizarre dream while her father confers with a client in Paris. Read more: Original Nancy Drew Books in Order - Summary of Nancy Drew Mysteries - Country Living

The only thing I would read, on my own doing....anything Nancy Drew...and to this day, mysteries are my subject of choice....

The Secret of the Old Clock by Carolyn Keene. in the Nancy Drew series. I loved Nancy Drew Books.

Nancy Drew is a famous 20th century silhouette from one series of books.  That magnifying glass became identified with her, although it was other detectives who were more likely to use one.

Nancy Drew -- my favorite books when I was years old. I was a member of the Nancy Drew book club.

Loved reading Nancy Drew mysteries as a kid. I would always spend my allowance on a new book...and I still have them all.

Hooked on Nancy Drew Mysteries

Loved reading Nancy Drew mysteries as a kid. I would always spend my allowance on a new book.and I still have them all.this was the first one I ever read

No.17, first published 1943. The Nancy Drew Library: Nancy Drew Mystery Stories--Classic Series 1-56

The Clue in the Jewel Box (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories # originally published by Carolyn Keene. The actual author was ghostwriter Mildred Wirt Benson. This is the updated cover from

We had to drive to the toy store at the corner of Foothill and Garey, in Pomona, to buy my Nancy Drew books. No store in Claremont carried them.

Books: The Password to Larkspur Lane (Nancy Drew, Book (Hardcover) by Carolyn Keene