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Namaz Timings In Dubai

PET DNEVNIH NAMAZA - Sabah-namaz (jutarnji namaz) – Ima dva rekata sunneta i dva rekata farza. - Podne-namaz (podnevni namaz) – Ima četiri rekata sunneta, četiri rekata farza i dva sunneta poslije farza; - Ikindija-namaz – Ima četiri rekata sunneta i četiri rekata farza; - Akšam-namaz – Tri rekata farza i dva sunneta; - Jacija-namaz – Četiri rekata sunneta, četiri rekata farza, dva sunneta poslije farza i tri rekata vitr-namaza;


A good person doesn't need a promise of anything in return, its nice to hear a thank you, or even "how are you?" but never really needed by a true heart that loves for the greater good of people~RP~