Subtle Rose Gold Hair Color for 2016 | Hair Color Trends 2016 Ideas and Highlights for your unique hair

One of my fave hair shadows is pink (or rose, if you wish). I even had one nice blossoming pink hair color once I was a teen. Now I stick to blonde shades, but sometimes I feel.

Every city has its own beat and its own distinct style. And while many metropolitan areas all over the world tend to follow major trends, each locale puts its own spin on them. After all, the cultural climate of each city helps to determine every decision, from how women wear the hems of their

George Northwood Salon, LondonThe Cut: The "bob a. The Alexa ChungBest For: Most hair typesAs the name implies, this bob is the proto-Alexa Chung style. It’s a classic choppy bob that’s been popular for a while in London

@amxhellberg using #bleachBRUISEDVIOLET Shop the look:

Kinda just went back to this purple/blue-ish colour today probably won't try too hard to maintain this colour since I loved my silver hair but I though it was time for a change I used bruised violet & bullini by so don't ask