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In light of 600 jobs being sent to Mexico... List Of All The Kraft/ Nabisco Products to possibly boycott (


Why Did My Union Give an Early Endorsement to Hillary Clinton Over Bernie Sanders? - Working In These Times

Nabisco Job Application. The Secret to Motivating Others This article is on motivation…from a psychological standpoint…taking it from scouts to adults to leaders. I would like some feedback from you and some examples that you may wish to share. All of these current and future writings about... Read the rest of this entry »

Vintage Nabisco Shredded Wheat Ad -1943. My mother LOVED shredded wheat which is why, I feel sure, I loved it as a child. And still do! :)


Nabisco baking facility will close, ending 350 jobs - Philadelphia Business Journal

The Nabisco bakery on Chicago's South West Side is eliminating jobs and moving them to a facility in Mexico, part of a continuing trend of the loss of blue collar jobs in the city. Many of the employees at the facility are African-American.


Nabisco Jobs Job Opportunities. Working As a Food Engineer Food engineers perform a wide variety of jobs, and these jobs are incredibly important in terms of food safety and quality. Students who wish to become food engineers often complete a bachelor's degree in agriculture or food science before entering... Read the rest of this entry »

Nabisco Ships 600 Jobs to Mexico. Time To Give Up Oreos

Jim Hightower: Oreo Rolling Its Cookie Factory to Mexico | Alternet