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Vintage Nabisco Shredded Wheat Ad -1943. My mother LOVED shredded wheat which is why, I feel sure, I loved it as a child. And still do! :)


"It's my war job to keep my family fit." Nabisco Shredded Wheat, 1943.


Greed ~ don't reward it with your business.

from the Guardian

Clinton meets with Nabisco factory workers facing imminent job cuts

Democratic frontrunner meets with workers to in Chicago ‘to figure out how we can stop’ impending relocation of 600 jobs on eve of primary in Illinois

The Nabisco factory at South Kedzie Avenue and West 73rd Street. Chicago Illinois. May 1989. by Eddie from Chicago, via Flickr

Nabisco Ships 600 Jobs to Mexico. Time To Give Up Oreos

Back in the day kids took turns bringing a snack to school for everyone for break time. This was always the biggest hit.


Nabisco Jobs Job Opportunities. Working As a Food Engineer Food engineers perform a wide variety of jobs, and these jobs are incredibly important in terms of food safety and quality. Students who wish to become food engineers often complete a bachelor's degree in agriculture or food science before entering... Read the rest of this entry »

(FULL) Mondelēz’ is Shipping 600 Nabisco American Jobs to Mexico