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vixx n ceci, vixx n ceci march vixx n photoshoot, n drama, vixx n ideal type

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VIXX is returning with the last installment to their trilogy entitled 'Kratos,' and they are dropping the second set of concept photos.

170116 - Jin (bts) & N (vixx) @ ISAC

170116 - Jin (bts) & N (vixx) @ ISAC What I see: appreciating each other, and cheer each other on~

VIXX for magazine 'Singles'

VIXX reveal they fight several times every day with one another

Apparently, the VIXX members fight all the time!The boys had a photoshoot and interview with magazine 'Singles', and the boys talked about no…

Tout est dit dans le titre c'est des réactions de groupes de kpop… #aléatoire # Aléatoire # amreading # books # wattpad

Kpop réactions

I swear I have 50 pictures of him just making this face rofl

오늘의 기록_20160920 두번째 찾은 paris 처음과는 분명 느낌이 다르다 다시 올때는 어떤 느낌일까 그땐 좀 더 여유를 느껴보고 싶다 - #안녕파리 #또올게 #파리지N

N ( Today’s Paris for the second time It definitely feels differect from the first What will it feel like when I come again I want to be a bit more free then - Trans.

Si vous êtes pour les VIXX tepez des mains ! ~ *Tape des mains*

In the May 2015 issue of the members of boy band VIXX share why, four years into their debut, their dating scandal track record remains sq

❤ VIXX »Hongbin« & »N« ❤

VIXXs Hong Bin N CCi Korea Magazine January 2014 Check out the website for