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Black sheep got blackmailed again, forgot to put on the zip code. Nirvana is #1 in my heart forever


Dremel Tool - I had one for years, with the idea of making miniatures and using it for crafts. It's time to bring it out!!


A great addition to your autumn wardrobe, these Teens Black Check High Waisted Shorts can be worn with jumpers, shirts and tops. £14.99 #newlook #fashion


Happiness is in you ... Find it and hold on to it. Trust me ... When you get your new job, house, bag, boo, or whatever ... You'll still be unhappy if you can't be happy alone and with nothing. Don't be complacent ... Always want more, but enjoy the process of getting those wonderful things you want. ✨ God is good. He's been working in my life sooooo much #HeGotYouToo