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Perfect Alignment Solar System Necklace

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The fiery depths of space: Astronomers capture dazzling rainbow nebula swirling round supergiant star

The bright, pinkish-white star at upper left is Orion, known as the 'hunter', is Betelgeuse

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Perfect Alignment Solar System Necklace

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An entry from I never will speak word.

"i want to know how. why. i want to discover the secrets of the universe and i want to *believe*."

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Love love love this planet system made from buttons (via I have some buttons I have been saving from my upcycled clothing pile that may work out great for this!

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My kids can't get enough of this!! Outer Space: "We are the Planets," The Solar System Song by StoryBots - YouTube

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Cool Space Facts (None about Pluto).I can tell you that Pluto is not gas so you can see the stars from there.

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