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If you've heard the theme song for My Little Pony... You'll get this! @gracia fraile fraile fraile fraile fraile Gomez-Cortazar


Skyler :3Dude, you were so drunk last night! | How drunk? | First, you took one of my mum's pineapples and started ripping it apart with a knife yelling: I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE SPONGEBOB!!! | Then, you found a sponge and yelled: WHAT'S THE KRABBY PATTY SECRET FORMULA!!! Thus, ripping it apart... | Finally, you took our neighbour's pony, named it Pinkie Pie, and rode it around town singing the My Little Pony theme song... | Well shit...


I know it's mean to post this cuz I love My little pony but that is like so true and hilarious