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God i wish it was a lie i wonder where my life goes on the 5pm to 5am or 7am grinding sesions in a freaking kingdom hearts game i feel like a bit of a no life loser

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Seriously need these in my life ADIDAS Women's Shoes -

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Uther Pendragon is in the middle of a MarioKart race, you shall not interrupt him. >>>>>> This is hilarious! Totally agree with this statement but...why is his phone pink??? :P

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Follow this. I already carry water with me everywhere, but I must up my game on the others

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I Cant Wait to Just GO [The Travel Waiting Game]

All I really want quote |

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Athletic Activity: What are the recommendations after Knee Replacement?

LOL! Do we ever achieve all of our goals? I think not... please check out my site - which has been my goal for the last 6 years. It's changed the way I see life.

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