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One-Finger Spacer (25 Pack)

I definitely need one of these for a couple of my students who can't grasp the concept of finger spacing!


((Just jump in! I'm the girl, be the guy?)) It's 3 am and I'm on my way home for the night. I work two jobs just to support myself. I had to get up in five hours. It's only me and a boy that looked my age. I felt dizzy and sick. I coughed. The train goes through a tunnel. Halfway through, the train slows and all the lights go out. I scream and start to panic. I was terrified of pitch black dark spaces.


Top 10 Left Handers

Here are some great left handers (David Bowie among them) to make company to the greatest of them all, my Englishman <3


10 Years Ago Today... David Tennant Did This!

Sarah Jane Smith is my favorite companion on Doctor Who. I really need to find the perfect hand made replica 4th Doctor scarf. For several reasons. One it's an epic scarf, and two I want to tangle up my Sarah Jane in it. ;D


White collar conservative flashin' down the street, pointing that plastic finger at me. They all assume my kind will drop and die, but I'm gonna wave my freak flag high. -- Jimi Hendrix


Animal Friday: The rough and tumble wild versus the pampered life of a pet