Queen ~ Nikita Gill

Queen ~ Nikita Gill *Just in case you left me, I'll keep you in my heart.

You Gotta Hand It To This Guy

You Gotta Hand It To This Guy

The Bible does not call left-handedness a sin, but because of the pre-eminence of the positive connotations to "right hand", from the Middle Ages lefties were persecuted. Sounds ridiculous to us now, no?

I held my Mom's hand until the end and she suffered......hardest and saddest day of my life 12-26-16 and have cried everyday since then!

Poem I read at my grandmas funeral!simply beautiful For my Grandad as we say goodbye to you today. You are gone but we will never forget u. Until we meet again. Rest peacefully beside Nana now. You are in each other's arms once again.

My Backhand Sucks Great Gift For Left Handed Tennis Player Fan - #t shirts #long…

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My Left Hand Man...so sad!

My Left Hand Man.so sad! Like, he loses his whole fam to get his freedom…

I miss everything about him.. Today I am missing those crazy conversations. Our banter. His skin. Argh.

I miss your voice. I miss you teasing me. I miss you telling me about your day. I miss you whining abt everything and anything.

my obsession with this picture kind of scares me a little bit #ThomasSangster

Nerd how much more nerd do u need then Thomas Brodie Sangster with bed hair reading a comic book

The Prevention and Correction of Left Handedness

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

"To correct this serious handicap." 1936 LOL Have to laugh. I had a kindergarten teacher who tried to "convert" me and that was in Would you believe I got hit on the hands with a ruler for using that hand in first grade---many times too.