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from Fun and Function

One-Finger Spacer (25 Pack)

I definitely need one of these for a couple of my students who can't grasp the concept of finger spacing!

from AnOther

Top 10 Left Handers

Here are some great left handers (David Bowie among them) to make company to the greatest of them all, my Englishman <3

from mirror

Animal Friday: The rough and tumble wild versus the pampered life of a pet

That's why I need a one dance Got Henessy in my hand, One more time 'fore I go, Higher powers taking a hold on me ~ Drake ( of Skepta)

He walked into the living room to find Sirena sleeping softly on the couch. Newt smiled a little before walking over to the couch. He gently pulled the book from her limp fingers and placed it aside. "Newtie...?" "Hey," he smiled at her softly, "I'm gonna bring ya up to bed now, okay?" Sirena weakly raised her arms. Newt smiled again and gently picked her up. Sirena buried her chin in his warm body as he carried her up the stairs to bed.