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Hooray ! Over 3500 songs,clips & music related items. In a way my herritage to music I so dearly love. I started out as a DJ in 1977 ,when Disco was actually hardly played in dancings.Here is one of my 12" vinyls with notes on how I play it now ( to make it danceable to todays standards ) It's a system I developed over the years and I've done this for over 5000 of my records.On the mid left are the pitches & BPM's for the complete song. + or - for the oitch , # Means a break. Enjoy !

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Beaches in Norway: The Best Norwegian Beach Areas

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Halston herritage ombré maxinwt

HALSTON HERRITAGE OMBRÉ MAXI This dress is stunning! The top layer is chiffon and is very loose and flowing allowing the silhouette to dramatically float. The liner is a close fit and has the same purple OMBRÉ fade to black, but this has slits up both sides allowing a peek of sultry leg. It's impossible to not feel unbelievably sexy in HALSTON! Halston Heritage Dresses Maxi

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Gelateria Grom - Sustainable Gelato in Florence, Italy


Tunnocks Tea Cakes - Scotland's iconic chocolate biscuit invented by Thomas Tunnock in 1890. A Tunnocks caramel wafer dipped in a cup of tea is one of our favourite treats.