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Camp Gran used to buy it, and it would last for ages because it was strong, and coffee wasn't that popular then, well chicory more than coffee, horrid stuff!!

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Plastic sword cocktail sticks. My grandmother had a set of these. They would be washed after use (nothing was regarded as 'disposable' in those days) and replaced in a plastic barrel.

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My grandmother would always say manners cost nothing but gains you everything ..and you get back what you give xxxx

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East End slum Street 1912 ~ The Whitechapel district of London at the end of the nineteenth century was generally regarded as being a ‘horrible black labyrinth, reeking from end to end and swarming with human vermin, whose trade is robbery and whose recreation is murder’.

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A World War Two Ration Book Gosh my Nana had these I remember her showing me.

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That unique flavour - it tasted like the smell of the inside of your grandmother's handbag. Perfume, violet, lavender. Nice!

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Instant Download - Digital Collage - Vehicles - 50 Vintage Photo Collection - 1930-1960

I remember doing this with mum at our first house I think this is where my love of laundry began to form as a true fetish

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Vintage tin money box - I remember these, forever losing the key but loved it.

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Avon talcum powder with the big puff. I had lots of talcs and powders from Avon.

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