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The world pagan 'Astrology Houses' are Christ's opponent global Campaigns for spiritual dwelling delusions at the fixed time of birth, & the counterfeits to the 'allotted' cross to bear & Guidance of The Holy Spirit whilst incarnate, wherefrom alone determines overcoming spiritual debt issues therefrom during a life journey. Astrology housing places each person in the hot dog house from Christ's opponent domain when following his houses of illusions, delusions & confusions.


My Father's House is needed for teen age girls who require long-term care and education. At My Father's House, we can devote our full attention to seeing that their medical, educational, financial, and spiritual needs are met. reintegrating with family (parents) continuing her education ensuring proper prenatal care ensuring her own medical care developing sound parenting skills providing for her financial needs establishing a support network securing independent housing

Heaven: My Father's House by Anne Graham Lotz,