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Met my ex's gf today. She just found out he named their daughter after me.

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Mending A Broken Heart with Exercise: How to Look and Feel Lovely After Heartbreak

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My ex-gf gave me the nickname: Ice Queen.. I used to be cold as ice when I was angry. On the other hand she told me many times what a warm and loving person I was.

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This is what my ex gf told me... we still talk to each other

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This couldnt be more spot on for My Ex(well actually a few ex's of mine) when any person has to belittle there Ex in anyway they're just Cowards that have to hide behind their web of lies cause they dont want the world to find just what kind of person they really are!If you dont want people to think less of you then don't behave in a way that they would have a reason to!

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It takes a real man to realize that one woman is enough. Real men. Gentleman. Gentleman.

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i could call him mine but he dumped me for no reason and i still love him but he's moved on. i tried moving on but i felt nothing. i think my ex still has my heart

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