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My Dog Keeps Coughing

somebody once asked me over the phone "are you human?" I replied with "no, I am a living vehicle who is gonna wipe out the human race" AND THEY BELIEVED ME!!!! some people...

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Customized Peg Doll Family Wall Art, Personalized Wooden Doll Wall Art, Made to Order Hand Painted Peg Doll Wall Art, Wooden People Wall Art

Customized Peg Doll Family Wall Art by Bazar Rosa, $50.00

I'm walking out of the common room holding my cat. I start laughing and bump into you, my kitten falls and holds onto your pants. -Ronna (open rp)

Chocolate Labrador Retriever Merry Christmas Card Puppy Holiday Dogs Santa Claus Dog Puppies Xmas Lab Labs

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Six Amazing Health Benefits of Magnesium - and Some Great Ways to Get More of It

Natural health

James and Lily on their first date and Lily can’t seem to understand why James gets pissed off when he sees a black stray dog sitting outside ‘The Three Broomsticks’ wagging his tail

The Captain loves him some dachshund. They don\t call them wieners for nothing. Smartass dogs are h...

relatable teenage quotes - Google Search

T-shirt power! #BigBangTheory #theflash /

I imagined him saying this with his very sarcastic voice. Man, I love these guys.