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In are society today, marriage is not working out. People are getting married to young and then regretting it after they have a kid and separated. In are world today people are seeing that, their is not a lot of married parents. In "The Adoration of Jenna Fox" she didn't grow up with her birth parents and she never knew who her real parents were. Jenna really wanted to know who her dad was and what he looked like but her adopted parents only had videos of her parents and her but not just…

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Morning coffee (39 photos)

While we don't plan on kids for a few more years I'm happy knowing Josh will be a hero to our little one. My heart melts when I see him with kids, he was ment to be an amazing dad.

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In loving memory/card/keepsake/Grave/ dad, daddy, grandad fathers day

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Christmas Grave Card - Special Dad - FREE Holder-C110

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My Daddy is My Hero, Superhero, Fathers Day Gift, Lego, Scrabble Frame, Gift

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Ronnie Barker, 1929-2005 my all time comedy hero. An absolute genius. Not ashamed to say I cried when I heard of his passing. Reminds me of me dad

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