I love my cop, my everything! And he loves his cougar, his everything! Two of a kind!! <3

US ~ a national nonprofit organization and website for creating Law Enforcement Supportive Fundraisers.

If cops were in Disney movies

If cops were in Disney movies

not an ecard.. but still funny! real women marry cops

"real women marry cops" Not that firefighters aren't great, but I L-O-V-E being a cops wife! Must get this since my sister in law married a firefighter!

I'm putting this in my "inspirational" board because this cop is a shining example of how rape threats should be dealt with. All too often, men (even police) dismiss a woman's cry for help or justice and excuse the creep's behavior. So, yeah, these two men restored my faith a little. Thank you, to the outsiders who will step in to make sure others don't have to live a nightmare.

A story

I wish this didn't need to happen but I'm glad for the girl. Hopefully f*ckboy was scared straight!