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♡. She always got back up. Thank you for showing me how. Very fitting that this shows in my feed on her birthday.

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True selfless & unconditional lovemy girls are my world & i wouldn't have it any other way... NO SACRIFICE is too great bc we only have ONE chance to BE THE ONE TO RAISE OUR OWN.I'll never regret my sacrifices for them. it's worth every missed hope & dream. what is meant to be will be. they'll always come FIRST.

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I have loved my children with every ounce of my soul and I will not hesitate to destroy anyone who ever threatens to undo the life I've built for them

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My children may not have everything they want in life, but they have a mom who loves them more than anything in the world.

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10 Best Mother And Son Quotes

Sons are a blessing and here are 10 quotes for mother's to express their love. We capture the love a mother feels for her son with the I love my son quotes.

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People exclude themselves from our lives by running there mouths, by talking shit! So if you wanna talk shit have a seat with the other bitches.. Toxicity is not allowed into our family.

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