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This page is an official fan page. It has been signed and certified by the members of My Chemical Romance.

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The Fabulous Killjoys >> >> >> >>>>> I don't have tumblr but that is my bloody tshirt!!

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I THOUGHT THAT WAS MICHAEL WITH RLLY LONG STRAIGHTENED HAIR WTF>>> I thought it was Mikey too with the red lips and the smile. But then I saw it was Queen Way...

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So much. So hard to think that the people that saved my life wont even make music together anymore. get more only on

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Omg... I was just like there are too many members there... And than I realised that what I thought was a person was that fucking monkey thing in the back XD no wonder I didn't recognise him lol

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Gerard Way ~ My Chemical Romance. Su cara es graciosa, y sin duda la mejor foto de él.

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My Chemical Romance | I know most of their fan base wouldn't be around either. Not because they physically saved our lives, but because they showed us how to save ourselves.

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