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Blood by My Chemical Romance. Yes my goodness the song doesn't even start for a minute and thirty seconds

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I'm Emo But In A Gerard Way Ladies Black T-Shirt

Hah, I need to get this for my (not blood related) Uncle!!! If Any Of You Know… More

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Who says the "oh, thank you"? I could never tell. At first I thought it was someone saying "no, thank you" in response to the word beforehand...I was like, what....

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When everyone else at school is saying the pledge, because I hate America and never say it, I'm gonna start saying this. Hey, at least I'm pledging allegiance to something. Something that's better.

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My Chemical Romance - Danger Days Killjoys never die.. IT STRUCK ME THAT BAD BLOOD MUST HAVE TRIED TO FOLLOW THIS

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All Time Low and My Chemical Romance a.k.a. Hair Bands. I know I've pinned this before but I love this!<3

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Nothing calms a soul like screaming out the lyrics to 'Blood' in the car after a bad day at work.

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I actually want to get that, not just so my room "smells like emo" but also because I want to know what that would even smell like

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