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Japanese knot bag (this is a pdf file with pattern and instructions) Been meaning to make one of these since I first saw the pattern years back.

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From my 'Feminism' board: 'I"m not like other girls.' This is a great quote and one of the reasons I think feminism is still relevant.

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This sock is built on a easily remembered 4 stitch, 4 row pattern repeat that works up the top of the foot, and up the whole leg. The use of slipped stitches means this fabric has a nice, fitted and cozy feel, that still stretches to accommodate everything a good pair of socks should!

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40 Awesome Celtic Tattoo Designs and Meanings

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1920s black and white silk chiffon pearl-beaded gown

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Pumpkin Quesadillas We eat quesadillas for dinner a lot: I mean A LOT! After a long day of work, it seems that cheesy goodness between two warm tortillas is all I can muster. Of course it helps that you can also add in all kinds of ingredients to a quesadilla such as that leftover steak, or what about the egg and sausage scramble the kids didn’t finish off for breakfast over the weekend? I’ll admit, I never thought about using pumpkin, until now that is! And I can’t wait to try it!

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How To Keep Some Of Your Sanity During Winter Break...

The children are home, without structure, without friends and without any respite for us, the parents. This means that we have to provide them with structure, entertainment, love and as much patience as we can muster (which for me, isn't much). Here are a few ideas that might help you keep some of your sanity during winter break.


(99) I wonder if this stitch pattern has a name - YES, it does! Sea scallop on

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I Want to Live in a World

The Beautiful Due | "I want to live in a world not prettified but beautiful, the one that is actually here, tart as wintergreen and rough as granite."

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Finally a day flat out on the comfy couch with barely a care. Here's to the merriest Christmas you can all muster! Happy Hannukah! Happy day of nothingness! Whatever it means to you...Big love from my couch to yours. xoxo

10 DIY Space Saving Projects To Make This Weekend

Being space-savvy in small apartments and homes means working in as much storage as possible. The trick is to fill all awkward and/or available spaces with as many low-profile shelves, hanging baskets, and secret compartments as you can muster. Here are 10 DIY projects that keep square footage in mind, but don’t sacrifice design.

Green Calcite

Green Calcite radiates calming energies, removing any energy blockages. It helps to dissolve old patterns and belief systems. And it draws money and prosperity to your door! #crystals

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What did I tell you about finger quotes?

Bob's Burgers Season 2 Episode 1: The Belchies. "Ironic detachment is great! Nothing means anything!"

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