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Ping-Pong Rhythms | no need for a dog feeder, and container to catch the ping pong balls would work i think!

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Rhythm Game >>> over / under type of partner clap. (thinking of inserting a name game with claps?)

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Non-Elimination Musical Chairs. Cool twist on a classic.

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The Ultimate List of Online Music Education Games

One humongous list of free online music education games organized by aural training, composers, composition, instruments, notation, symbols/vocabulary and variety.

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Rhythm Game: "Busted!" Pull a stick from the jar, clap its rhythm. Pull another stick, clap both rhythms. Continue cumulatively. If you pull the "busted" stick, you have to put all yours back. Kid with most at the end wins.

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I Let Her Go Go....Great Tempo lesson! Also, this song is super catchy. Your kids will be singing it on the way out the door.

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Kids love party games, what better way to learn letters than via musical letters....Fun, active and learning all in one!

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Over 20 ways to make music games out of familiar games like Jenga, Candyland, Hi-Ho-Cherrio, and more.

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Games to Play Before Children's Choir Rehearsal

Playing games before a choir rehearsal can help children to have more fun and gain confidence.

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