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Coumadin (warfarin) Diet and Health Resources from Dr. Gourmet. What to eat when you're on Coumadin (warfarin).


Mushroom Butter Masala is a spicy, creamy and a delicious dish that is perfect accompaniment for steamed rice or bread varieties


Mushroom Varieties + Cooking Tips — Enoki, Reishi, White Elm, Lion's Mane, Oyster Mushrooms, Nameko


Common Types of Mushrooms

Common Types of Mushrooms - From fruity chanterelles to meaty portobellos, learn how to identify the most popular mushroom varieties.

Spot That Shroom!: Edible Mushrooms, with Pictures

enoki. (enokitake; enokidake; snow puff mushrooms; golden mushrooms; velvet stem): Long stems and tiny, snow-white caps; small white mushrooms are joined at the base and resemble bean sprouts; light and mild, almost fruity, flavor with a crisp texture. Also available canned. Before using, cut away from the communal base. Use in sandwiches, salads and as garnishes. If you use them in a cooked dish, add at the last possible moment as heat toughens enoki.